‘Hey Arnold’ and ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Makes A Special Return To Nickelodeon

(via ToonBarn)

If you are a product of the 90’s , you were probably hooked on at least a couple Nickelodeon shows. The 90’s gave us all kinds of dope shows, movies, and music. The 90’s is such a hard decade to top.

The cartoon series Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life became classics. Five seasons of Arnold, Gerald, and Helga basically made them a part of the family, and Rocko and Heffer were like the SpongeBob and Patrick of the early 90’s.

Well, if you’ve been missing a little of your childhood, Nickelodeon is to the rescue. The network recently announced that both shows will be making a comeback. The shows won’t be starting new seasons or anything, but we will be getting a special and a movie.

Rocko’s Modern Life is in production to make an hour long special called Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling. Hey Arnold! will be returning as a feature film titled Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. No date has been set for the Rocko special, but the new Hey Arnold! movie will be debuting this fall. So, get ready to take a walk down memory lane.