Mondays come at you fast.


Some people are perfectly fine with Mondays, while others may absolutely dread them. Mondays are an acquired taste.


However, Mondays are here to stay. So, you might as well make the best out of them.


Sundays are typically “rest” days for most. Sundays are the days where you do whatever you choose to do, and sometimes that may include doing nothing at all.


If you can, make Sunday your “planning” day. Make this day the day where you plan and plot on how you are going to dominate the week ahead.


Change your mind.

You may or may not have a “Monday complex”, but if you do, you must change the way you think about Monday. If you automatically think your Monday is going to suck, then it’s probably going to suck. The energy most people place around Mondays is usually one of disdain. Mondays aren’t that bad. You just have to change the way you view them. Don’t look at Monday as the start of another boring or tedious work and/or school week, look at it as the beginning of another week of getting closer to your goals.


Add some “fun” to your Monday.

Mondays usually feel like the longest and most active day of the week. Plan to do something fun on Monday. It doesn’t have to be something complex, or anything that will take up a large portion of your day. It could be as small as taking 5 mins. to play your favorite game on your phone, or taking 15 mins. to call up an old friend and catch up on life. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it is pleasurable.


Let go of the idea that Mondays are these terrible monstrosities. Mondays are whatever you make them out to be. If you want better Mondays, develop better thoughts and habits for Mondays. If you want better Mondays, simply do things that will make them better.