The holidays are here. During the holiday season we are hit with all sorts of emotions. The energy that comes with Christmas and the New Year is unmatched.

People have more cheer, they spend more, and  they do more. Each year, the Christmas and New Year energy takes over society as we know it and the atmosphere is filled with Christmas music, urges to shop, and new year, new me vibes.

With so much going on during this time, you may not think you will have time to be productive. This is vacation time for most, but for those who are seeking to get a head start on the new year, this is for you.

Use this holiday energy to put effort towards your creative projects and/or business endeavors.

Start goal setting for 2018. Make a list of major goals for the new year.

Connect with likeminded individuals during the holiday parties.

Start incorporating things that will level you up in the new year now.

It’s cool to eat, sleep, shop, party, etc. during the holidays but it could also be a chance to do more and be more. You don’t have to wait for the clock to strike 12. You can start now.