I Can’t Chase You And These Checks [T-shirt]


It’s Atlanta.

There are a lot of people out here either chasing love or after money.

To prosper, according to the culture, you need to have one or the other, or both, if you are really one of the chosen ones. Generation Y (s/o to the 80’s and 90’s babies) is full of millennials. We see life a little differently than our parents. We literally are out here trying to take over the world. We want what we want when we want it, and most of the time, waiting for anything for long periods of time will result in a massive headache and loss of interest. You could possibly blame this “popcorn culture” within society that has surfaced in the form of new age technology. We want love. We want success. We want it all and we want it fast. However, is it possible to chase money and love at the same time? Are we equipped to successfully navigate through society as we juggle our love lives on one hand and careers on the other? Many of us try to, but it only seems to really work if both parties involved are on the same page within the same book. And if you have had any experience with dating in Atlanta, simply getting on the same page with someone else can be quite the hassle. But for those who have been fortunate enough to accomplish this, how have you prioritized your love life versus your work life? Teach us your ways oh great magnificent one.

For the majority of people out here, multitasking doesn’t seem to be their strongest attribute. Sometimes, you can’t chase people and checks at the same time and to be completely honest, if you find yourself chasing anyone, you should probably re-evaluate the “why”? Why chase anyone who is running from you in the first place? If someone is truly for you, you won’t have to choose between pursuing your dreams and the pursuit of love, because someone who’s really for you will be out here getting to the checks with you. Fall in love while you both eat. Otherwise, you shouldn’t chase people and these checks. It’s counterproductive.

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