In Twitter News: Lil Bow Wow Jumped On The

Stacey Dash/Raven-Symone Train And Crashed

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So at this point, it is unclear if 29-year-old Lil Bow Wow aka Mr. 106th & Park aka Shad Moss is trolling us or being for real.

For those of you who may not know, here’s some background information:

Lil Bow Wow used to be a rapper back in his kid to teen years. He had a few hits and whatnot. Jermaine Dupri made him into a star. He had all the pre-teen girls going crazy over his sing-along rhymes and cornrows. He even attempted to act in a movie or two, but we won’t talk about that. As time went on, Bow Wow tried to hold on to his fading spotlight by becoming Mr.106th & Park, and he continued to hold on to it when he started dating Erica Mena, the chick who rose to semi-fame after starring on the reality show Love and Hip Hop.

However, Bow Wow’s spotlight has officially flickered out, faded to darkness, no longer in existence…well I guess you get the point. But it seems Bow Wow won’t be going out without a fight. When all else fails, become controversial. That’s like the number one rule in the washed up celeb handbook right?

Bow Wow got into a Twitter debate brawl with his “fans” after stating his opinion about politics and things went south from there. The ex-rapper decided to use his 140-characters to tweet  why he can’t relate to the "black struggle" in regards to voting:

“My grandma is not black. My dad’s father was mixed. My dad look like a drunk cuban with no rhythm.”

“My ancestors were in tribes. My moss side of my family is white and native. Shit i can’t help that’s my family.”

“Man i only believe what the eyes see. I’m mixed. I don’t know what my ancestors was doing. I only know what i see!”

“Yeah i seen SELMA. Was i related to anyone no. I’m saying my moss side of family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different.”

Maybe this is a case of stay relevant by any means necessary, or maybe Bow Wow really feels this way? either way, his tweets definitely made an interesting day for #BlackTwitter.

What are your thoughts on Bow Wow’s comments?


written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL