Inspirational Tip: Don’t Mourn Monday, Make It Majestic

Okay, most people mourn Mondays. It’s that day after the weekend that starts the beginning of another long week of “adulting”. Monday has been unfairly labeled and universally recognized as possibly the most dreadful day of the week.

Mondays are filled with everything we don’t want to do. But what if we changed our Mondays, or at least changed the way we thought about it?

Monday doesn’t have to be a day of mourning.

Think of it as your refresher. Monday is the beginning of another week, which means you have yet another opportunity to accomplish everything you didn’t get to last week, Monday is also your chance to start fresh.

People who dislike Mondays are probably people who dislike the way their lives are generally set up. If you are going to a job you hate 5 days a week, Monday will naturally give you some type of anxiety every time it comes around. If you feel uneasy about Mondays, it may be because it’s your constant reminder that you aren’t living in your purpose, or doing what serves your soul.

Mondays take you away from your weekend getaway and hits you with a hard case of reality every time. You probably feel you have no choice but to despise the six letter, two syllable word. Maybe you can’t find one good reason to like the day, no matter how hard you try and if this is the case, you are clearly doing Mondays all wrong.

Think about how you can make your Mondays livelier. Think about what you can incorporate into your Monday to make it more bearable. Think about a way to add a dose of happiness into your Monday mix. If your Mondays suck, only you have the power to change that. Even if it’s just a shift in the way you view it.

Today you woke up. You made it to a whole new day. There’s beauty in that alone. It’s time for you and Monday to establish a good rapport, and it will start with a simple mindset change. Your Monday can feel like Saturday if you live it right.