Inspirational Tip: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

There are a lot of things that happen to us and around us, and we don’t always have control.

Sometimes these things may be in our favor, while other times they may not be.

Life can be one big ball of stress and confusion if we allow it to be, but the trick is to be able to laugh at life and yourself when necessary. We have experiences. We make mistakes. We learn lessons.

The things you experience can be very serious, but if you’re still breathing and the world isn’t coming to an end, it’s safe to say there’s room to not dwell. You don't have to take in everything so intensely.

Being able to laugh at unfortunate moments can make the moments suck a little less.

Yes, you have every right to be sad, mad, or to feel whatever type of feelings that may be warranted, but don’t allow yourself to get stuck in these emotions.

Anyone ever told you that laughter is good for the soul? Well it is.

This isn’t to say that you should take everything as one big joke, this is to say that everything doesn’t always have to be super rigid and harsh.

We can all learn from not taking ourselves too seriously. We waste so much energy giving negative reactions to situations, that we sometimes miss the beauty of whatever lessons we are supposed to learn from the moments.

It’s okay to laugh a little when things go completely wrong. It’s okay to find some humor in your failures and mishaps. It’s the perfect way to hit life right back when it has knocked you down.