Dedication - The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.


Without dedication, wanting to complete any task will remain just that, a want.

If you have a dream and have any plans to make it a reality, you have to have the drive to stay dedicated in order to pursue whatever that dream is.

Living out your dreams require full commitment to your purpose. When you want success, you can’t be lazy about it, you must go after it full throttle and remain dedicated to the cause. Dedication maximizes your potential to succeed.


  • Commit to a goal. Find something you really would like to accomplish.


  • Focus less on beating yourself up about mistakes, and more on learning from them and pushing forward with that new knowledge.


  • When you feel discouraged, think about how far you've come. Motivate yourself.


  • See one task through at a time. If you have one main goal, create smaller goals that will keep you on task to reach your overall objective.



The life you want to live isn’t going to fall out the sky into your lap. You have to work for what you want in this life. You have to have diligence and dedication.

So many people have wasted their lives, and have nothing but ideas and plans that were never executed filling the space in their boxes of “should’ve and could’ve”, all because they could not commit to their dreams.

You have to decide what type of person you are going to be, the one who wished, or the one who did. The amount of dedication you put into whatever it is you are pursuing will determine how far you get on your journey.