Inspirational Tip:

Stop Circulating Bad Energy On Your News Feed

We live in an era where you are liable to see any and everything on the internet. The days of privacy and discretion are pretty much a thing of the past.

You can find the nastiest comments underneath random people’s photos left by strangers. You can watch the most horrendous acts caught on video that have been sent out for viewer’s consumption.

On the internet, there’s very little that can filter out negative words, images, and footage.

So how do you avoid seeing things that disrupt your peace via the internet? Well, it’s pretty hard when our very own friends, family members, and acquaintances are the one’s circulating the graphic content. Our news feeds are constantly being fed disturbing content, almost like an infectious disease being casually spread from timeline to timeline. There may be the occasional disclaimer or the “Omg, what did I just watch or see?”, yet it is still uploaded, shared, and reposted. Do we find pleasure in circulating negative energy? Have we convinced ourselves that it’s a necessary evil, in order to inform others of all the bad happening in the world?

Here’s a suggestion, if you see, hear, or read something that didn’t sit well with you, then maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to share on your timeline. Why repost murders? Or any stomach turning content? What we consume will eventually consume us. There’s so much negativity and chaos going on in the world. What do you think this is doing to our minds? Our spirits? Our souls?

We should be looking for ways to escape the madness in order to maintain the sanity we do have left, not feeding ourselves more of it.  Have we become so desensitize that seeing footage of someone beaten and/or murdered is considered normality? Let’s do better people by being better people. Stop sharing disturbing content on your news feed.