Issa Rae has basically become America’s awkward sweetheart who is a mirror rapping rapper by night.

She’s changing the game when it comes to content and representation in the film/tv industry. Her show Insecure has everyone choosing between #TeamLawrence and #TeamIssa. Issa Rae’s story is inspirational. It also shows what creating your own opportunities can birth. She planted the seed of success and believed and invested in herself first, and now she’s living out her dreams.

On top her Issa’s success, she seems to be pretty down-to-earth as well. Her energy is real and refreshing. She isn’t a walking billboard or someone giving us a cookie cutter facade. She’s still awkward and she’s definitely still black, but now she’s a CoverGirl!

Issa Rae recently announced that she is the new face of CoverGirl and we are here for it. 

It’s amazing to watch her continue to bloom. Representation is everything and Issa is truly representing.