Issa Rae’s Insecure series was a hella hit when it debuted on HBO in 2016.

The show presents an aspect of blackness that is very rarely represented in the media.

Issa and her friends are young, successful, intelligent, and forever making mistakes and being human. The characters may remind you of your friends, your coworkers, your family, or even yourself. The storylines are relatable and the show will have you going through every type of emotion.

Issa Rae adds a touch of awkward black girl in all of her work, and it’s a big reason why she’s so likeable. She isn’t trying to present herself as perfect, on or off the camera, and that’s hella dope.

Issa second season! A teaser for the second season of Insecure has been released and it looks like Molly, Daniel, Lawrence, and of course Issa will be back giving us culture and entertainment.

Insecure season 2 will air July 23 on HBO.