It’s 2017 Let’s Stop Meeting About Meetings

“I really hate when I get around a bunch of 'talkers'. A bunch of people always talking about making something happen. I’m a doer. I’m not a dreamer, or a talker. I actually go and do things. I make things actually happen. Not just dream, wish, and hope for it to manifest. So please don't get me all pumped up about doing something, if all you're going to do is 'talk' about it, or have a meeting about a meeting.”

-Flex, Founder of POP ATL

What if this article was just an article informing you that another article is coming soon? This article would be pointless, right? Well, this is exactly how it is when people meet only to discuss the next meeting. Why not just cut the middleman out and get straight to the point?

When did this “meeting about a meeting” pandemic begin?

It’s probably the least productive habit you can adopt.

The ineffective thrill of talking about plans and scheduling meetings to discuss future meetings, has overshadowed the step where action and execution should take place.

Maybe people have taken the whole “fake it until you make it” motto way too far? Consistently “faking it”, will not bring you success, at least not any long term success. It’s hard to progress when you aren’t doing anything to push things forward. Forward movement requires you to take consistent steps in the direction you want to go. Simply talking about your dreams, will only get you so far. There will come a time when you will have to put your money where your mouth is to show and prove. It’s cool to be a dreamer but dreamers are only able to bring their dreams into fruition by becoming doers.

Even if you are a person who truly have the intention to manifest whatever it is you are talking about, you must do more than talk about it. If you don’t already have a plan for execution, you should probably just keep your ideas to yourself.

There’s truly no need to put anything in the air if you’re not going to give it wings to fly and unfold. You are only setting it up to crash and burn.

Having meetings can make you feel like you are a business person conducting legit business. “I’m going to a meeting”, sounds official. However, real businessmen and women value their time. They also value the time of others. Real business minded individuals aren’t holding meetings because it’s cool, they are holding meetings to actually get things done.

So let’s all agree to just stop meeting about meetings in 2017. Okay?