Jay Z Signs $200 Million Live Nation Deal

(via Live Nation)

Hip hop mogul Jay Z, is known to move strategically within any industry he decides to dabble in. He’s not only made a name for himself within the music industry off his talent alone, but he’s also built an empire as an overall business man.

When he said,

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business…man”, he wasn’t lying.

Jay Z came from nothing and went after everything. You would think he would be on the verge of retiring soon, but nope, he’s still at it. He recently signed a 10-year deal with Live Nation which is rumored to be worth $200 Million.

Jay Z originally signed a deal with Live Nation back in 2008 that included the release of three albums, publishing, and touring. The new deal will only include touring.

It appears Jay is trying to make sure he is set before the new additions to the Carter family arrive. This deal could put Jay Z in the history books as hip hop’s first billionaire. Checkmate.