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We definitely miss the old Kanye but is this “new Kanye” ok?

Kanye West has been on his Saint Pablo Tour causing all sorts of ruckus.

During his tour, he’s used his performance time to speak his mind on the new president-elect Donald Trump (which was basically an endorsement), and to take jabs at Jay-z and Beyonce.

His random remarks and accusations has left fans and spectators confused.

Ye has since cancelled the rest of the Saint Pablo Tour, after giving a weird rant about Beyonce on stage.

Of course, he’s now made himself a target. Yonce’s Beyhive tend to go pretty hard for Queen Bey, and they don’t take Beyonce blasphemy too lightly.

However, Kanye West has recently been checked into the hospital according to reports. Apparently, he’s been sleep deprived and has been “taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation”.

The story is still developing but many are calling this a possible publicity stunt. Would Kanye stage an ambulance trip to the hospital all in the name of publicity? Is this his way of dramatically removing himself from out of the line of fire after his Beyonce and Jay rant?

Or maybe Mr. West really does need help. Maybe he’s really not well.

Although Kanye has been very sporadic in his actions these last few years, who are we to really judge him? The judgment and criticism kind of comes with the fame, but so often, fans tend to put entertainers on these unrealistic thrones of perfection. They don’t really get that much room to be human, and sometimes we confuse an outcry for help as someone just acting out. And this isn’t to say that Ye’s actions are okay and that we should overlook them, this is to say that maybe we should realize that maybe this “new Kanye” is an embodiment of unresolved issues he’s accumulated over the years. Maybe we should put the judgments aside for now and simply ask, Is Ye okay?