Kanye West, New York Fashion Week, And Yeezy Season 5

(via US Weekly)

Since Kanye West’s hospital visit, he appeared back on the scene with blonde hair, ready to speak with Donald Trump. However, since the footage of him having a photo opt with Trump, it seems he’s been keeping it pretty lowkey. We haven’t seen the loud and very opinionated side of Ye in a while. There hasn’t been any Twitter rants, or random tour footage of him calling Jay Z and Beyonce out. Ye has been flying under the radar. Maybe he’s decided to just chill and focus on his family and fashion?

Yesterday (Feb.15), during New York Fashion Week, Kanye West presented his Yeezy Season 5 Collection. You may not have heard much about it because it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as previous Yeezy Seasons were. According to Vogue, this season’s styles were less of the “post-apocalyptic” look.

West held his show at New York’s Pier 59 Studios and he had The Dream’s version of the track Bed, which was originally song by singer J. Holiday, on repeat for the duration of the show. This super low key approach may be Ye’s new way of doing things. Over the years, he’s gotten so much backlash and it all seemed to eventually take a real toll on him. Perhaps he’s playing it safe now by toning down his actions and statements? However, we really hope this doesn't mean we will not be experiencing a boring, lackluster version of Kanye West.

You can check out some of the Yeezy Season 5 pieces below: