Bullying has been the latest thing to circulate around social media. After a video of a young caucasian male basically crying on camera as he talked about being bullied went viral, it ended up triggering many conversations about kids getting bullied in school.


Although, the video that went viral actually ended up being some type of scam for his mom to make money from a GoFundMe account. Over $50,000 later, people started speculating that the whole video was a setup and that the mom was accused of being a racist. Apparently, the mom has been doing some bullying of her own and people want answers and probably their coins back. The GoFundMe is currently frozen.


Even though ill intent was behind the creation of that particular video, bullying is very real.

Kids get bullied every day at school. Bullying has always kind of been embedded within the culture in some way. However, there has been cases of kids actually committing suicide after being bullied.


This is very alarming. What is being done to these kids for them to believe that taking their lives is the only option. Of course, each situation may be different, but it is up to parents and teachers to pay more attention to the kids and students. It’s time for schools to wisen up and not turn a cheek when it comes to kids being bullied, no matter how unthreatening they may think it is. It’s also important for parents to talk to their kids more. Often times, kids may not come home and show instant  signs of being bullied. A conversation has to be had and certain questions asked in order to open up the door for them to feel safe and comfortable. Also, having real conversation with the kids doing the bullying is just as important. They need to know bullying is not okay, ever.


Hopefully, people will continue to talk about this and be proactive in coming up with possible solutions to the whole bullying pandemic.