Leaving Your Comfort Zone Will Free You

Comfort is cool but it’s usually at the expense of your own growth. Comfort zones birth stagnancy. When you are comfortable, it’s hard to be driven. You move slower because you have the privilege of a safety net. Finding solace in comfort isn’t a bad thing, but it will hinder you, especially if you desire anything that can only be obtained outside of the space you have found to be comfortable.

So many people have become bored with life. They have gotten into their daily routines. They are settled into their decent jobs. They have created a lifestyle that is safe and stagnant. This life can work for those whose goals have been reached, but for those who still have more exploring left inside of them, they will soon find themselves drowning in discontentment.

We should give ourselves the freedom to truly live. Living goes beyond the norms we are taught. When you find yourself daydreaming about a different life, that is your soul being pulled to flow outside of your comfort zone. When you find yourself disconnecting from the things you once felt connected to, that is your energy being summoned to take on a new adventure.

Doing something different can be scary, but never leaving your comfort zone can be even scarier. Growth, new experiences, and self-discovery can be found in the places you are too afraid to go, and within the things you are too afraid to do.

Leave your comfort zone, it will still be there if you ever wish to return.