‘Little Professor Skye’ Book Series Shows Why Representation Matters

(via littleprofessorskye.com)


CEO of Steed Media Group, Inc., Munson Steed, is known for his popular publication Rolling Out, a media platform that caters to the African American community by providing the latest news in business, politics, and pop culture.

Although RollingOut.com has proven to be very successful, Steed has decided to add yet another title to his resume, he’s now a published book author. He has released his first children’s book titled Little Professor Skye, which is actually a book series that was inspired by his goddaughter, Skye. Little Professor Sky- Favorite Things is the first book of the series.

The book is filled with vibrant images of a young African American girl who’s currently in elementary school, and who also has many interest in a lot of different hobbies and careers. Skye explores her interest and the world, as she plays dress up as a pilot, doctor, construction worker, and scientist. Skye’s story carries a strong message and bold statement about representation, as well as the importance of having goals, dreams, and confidence in being whatever you choose to be in this world.

The Little Professor Skye book series is a great way to connect with young readers, it allows them to see themselves within the pages and it encourages utilizing imagination and self-expression. It teaches young readers that the possibilities are limitless. It’s a gem for the black community.

You can purchase your copy of Little Professor Skye HERE.


written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL