Meet Sophia Tassew, The Artist Behind The Epic Music Movie Poster Designs


Sophia Tassew is the 19-year-old from London who’s been getting a lot of recognition for her movie-style poster creations for various songs and albums.

What Tassew is doing with some of her favorite songs and albums is nothing short of creative brilliance. Her story is pretty interesting too, she actually dropped out of college this year to get some real world experience in the creative industry.

With an Interview with FADER she said, “Personally, I feel that formal education doesn't prepare young people for the creative industry. It's full of crap slideshows and useless print-outs. I wanted to get out and enter the industry for real. I kept on searching for opportunities for young creatives every single day until I found one called The Girlhood. After many stages of interviews, without a portfolio, I was selected from 50 girls. It's all about believing in your craft and your potential."

Well things seem to be working in the college dropout turned art director’s favor, she is doing what she loves and creating dope art in the process. When asked about the movie poster designs she’s created she said, “They're movie posters, they have to make sense to whoever is looking at them. A little goes a long way. I love all types of art but the minimalist approach definitely appeals to me. I think it's the bold colors, the amount of space and a simple font that makes everything sit well."

Sophia Tassew is definitely talented, there’s no doubt about it. We will probably be seeing a lot of her work pop up over the internet now especially since The Fader, Saint Heron, and BuzzFeed has already featured her work.

Speaking of, bet you are wondering what more of these movie style posters actually look like right? Well check them out below:

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written by Chandra Meadows forcm POP ATL