Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is a mogul who started out in hip hop but has since expanded his platform to many other avenues. Diddy is known for his business moves and for building up his own empire through Combs Enterprises. He’s reportedly worth $820 million.

Diddy recently announced that he was interested in buying the Carolina Panthers NFL team. If you are familiar with Diddy’s moves when it comes to business, this isn’t a total surprise. However, a news anchor and her correspondent’s response to the news is overshadowing the actual news itself.

There’s a video going around of Darya Folsom, a channel 4 news anchor and another correspondent making fun of Diddy’s announcement.

Check out a snippet of the convo:

“How can you take Diddy seriously? The guy looks high right there in that video. He looks like he smoked a blunt and dranked a 40 oz. and he said look, ‘I’ll buy the Panthers.’ I can’t take him seriously! You gotta stay in your comfort zone. If you know music, go and do your music thing!”

It’s very interesting to hear the two discuss Diddy in the way they chose to discuss him, especially since Diddy is a known businessman. They clearly don’t respect who he is, but are we really surprised? Maybe not really. What are your thoughts on this story?

Watch the video clip below.

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