Okay, you may or may not be tired of seeing Cardi B’s name in the headlines, but she’s really out here having the best year ever.


Cardi B has put out one of the hottest songs since forever, made billboard history, retired from her stripper career, and now she will soon be Mrs. Offset.


Yes, Offset of the Migos proposed to Cardi be during the Powerhouse Philly Concert. It looks like our other favorite “hood couple” (the first being Gucci and Keyshia), will be making money moves down the aisle.


The couple haven’t really been together that long, so some people are side eyeing the entire ordeal. Are the two really heads over heels for each other, or is this all a publicity stunt? It all does make for good headlines for them both.


Well, only time will truly tell the tale of these two love birds.