RIP Bill Nunn: Remembering The Guy Who Brought Radio Raheem To Life

The end of September has been filled with the mourning of a few unfortunate deaths. Between the deaths of Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and actor Bill Nunn, the entertainment world has suffered back-to-back losses.

The hip hop community has taken a couple blows with these untimely deaths, however, instead of mourning the loss, we must celebrate what these individuals gave the culture.

Bill Nunn died at 63-years-old on September 24th in his hometown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nunn was fortunate enough to have established a pretty successful acting career over the years. He definitely had a few notable roles under his belt, with roles in Sister Act, New Jack City, Spider-Man, and probably his most notable role as Radio Raheem in Spike Lee’s classic Do The Right Thing film.

Bill Nunn as Radio Raheem gave us a legendary character who will always be remembered. Nunn was the type of actor who seemed to effortlessly embody every role he had the chance to take on. Thank You Bill Nunn for gracing our screens with greatness.



written by Chandra Meadows for POP ATL