Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown Celebrity Boxing Match?

Okay so Soulja Boy and Chris Brown obviously had way too much free time after the holidays.

A random “beef” between the two ensued after Soulja Boy “liked” one of Karrueche’s (Brown’s ex) photos on Instagram. Allegedly, Brown ended up calling Soulja Boy on the phone, basically telling him to back off.

But wait it gets more petty….

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy then proceeds to go back and forth via social media attempting to prove who has the upper hand in the so-called “beef” through a series of tweets and videos. At some point Karrueche even chimes in, and is later verbally attacked by Brown via Instagram.

It’s always hilariously entertaining whenever celebs start fighting via social media. It also makes it all seem fake and not really all that serious. These celeb beefs are getting out of hand. Has this become the trendy thing to do in Hollywood for publicity? It’s a new year, can we all just leave the fake internet brawls in 2016?

And if any of this is real, some of these celebs really need a reality check, perhaps in the form of rehab or therapy.

However, to end on a humorous note: