Teyana Taylor is the most slept on phenomenon. From her record deal with Pharrell to MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, to signing with Kanye West’s GOOD music label, Teyana Taylor has always been a big deal.

However, she has often been ignored and disregarded as others rose to the top. We have slept on Teyana Taylor for years. Even though, there’s always been something about her, most were not able to put their finger on it. Perhaps, she didn’t have the right team to help her connect the dots, or maybe it simply wasn’t her time back then?

Regardless, we looked over this gem known as Teyana Taylor as if she was just a lump of coal. And now the time has come for her to shine. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she has one kick ass eye for fashion. Teyana Taylor deserves to be recognized for all her fierceness.

We have watched her grow in the public eye and she has blossomed beautifully. She has not given up, even when she wasn’t getting the recognition she deserved. Teyana Taylor’s time is now. She’s waking us all up in true Teyana Taylor fashion. Maybe she’s gotten tired of folks sleeping on her?