The Art of Building Authentic Bonds: Relationships Matter


Who we choose as our partners on a personal and business level matters a lot. Creating partnerships is what keep connectedness flowing within the human spirit. We need to connect with others to grow and evolve as human beings.

Cultivating the right kind of relationships is a key component to having an overall fulfilling life. Below you can find a list of some of the types of partnerships you may form in your lifetime. These partnerships may come from intimate, casual, or professional encounters. They may develop one relationship at a time, or you may even experience the different types of partnerships all within one interaction.


Let’s explore, shall we?


The Loving Relationship.

This is the kind of relationship that typically comes from family, friends, and significant others. We all need and want love. Having people in our lives who can give us a healthy dose of love is essential. However, don’t forget, the most exquisite form of love will come from the love you cultivate within yourself.

The Challenging Relationship.

This type of partnership will more than likely bring your insecurities to the surface. This type of partnership is meant to grow you. It will cause you to question who you used to be, who you are, and/or who you want to become. This could even be called the “enlightening relationship” because you just may come out of the experience way more enlightened than you were coming into it. This relationship will force you to face yourself and that’s critical. This relationship will be life changing.

The Prosperous Relationship.

This relationship will add to you. It will fill you up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even financially. It will help you see the amount of abundance we all have access to in this lifetime. Sometimes we forget. This partnership may be your reminder. You will flourish and find success within the circumstances created through this relationship. This can also be a rare type of relationship, so if you come across it, cherish it.

The Supportive Relationship.

We all need and want support. We need people in our corner cheering us on, holding us accountable, and motivating us whenever we find ourselves doubting the journey. This type of relationship is probably the most important. Having a solid support system can have you feeling invincible. It fuels your confidence and works wonder for the ego because let’s face it, we all like our egos stroked every now and then. The supportive relationship is that “pick me up” cocktail when you are down on your luck. It’s the comfort of knowing that someone cares. It's a kiss to your self-esteem and a hug to your soul.

While these are not the only forms of relationships we develop with others, these are the ones that will probably shape who we are and who we become the most. Building solid bonds is a necessary part of life, especially if you desire love, happiness, and success. The right type of relationships will significantly improve your quality of life. Relationships matter. You better act like you know.


Happy Monday Friends.