Get Out is probably one of the best movies to come out of 2017. Since its February release, Get Out has grossed more than $250 million. The reviews were pretty much the same across the board, everyone seemed to love the film.

Jordan Peele didn’t do too bad with the project, especially since it was his debut film. Get Out put the spotlight on the racism that plagues this society on the day-to-day but with an eerie spin on it. The movie could easily fall into a drama, horror, or suspense/thriller category.

However, for some odd reason, Get Out is being placed in the 'Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy’ category for the Golden Globes. Granted, there were a few funny moments in the movie, but it definitely wasn't a comedy.

After finding out his movie was being placed in a comedy category, Peele tweeted: ‘Get Out’ is a documentary.

While the Golden Globes don’t have a horror category, it’s interesting that comedy was chosen instead of drama. Perhaps, this can be symbolic for how many may see racism in this country, as a joke?

Will the film remain in the comedy category? And if it won as a comedy film, would Jordan Peele accept it?

What are your thoughts on this?