The Mannequin Challenge Has Everyone Frozen in Time!


So there’s always a random ‘challenge’ popping up on the internet, sometimes it includes singing/rapping, sometimes it’s a new dance move, and sometimes it’s a challenge to do absolutely nothing.

The latest challenge to break the internet is The Mannequin Challenge. Sometime in October, the challenge surfaced after apparently being curated by a bunch of high school students in Jacksonville, Florida. The Mannequin Challenge requires everyone to be still, or pose for a period of time, while Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles track plays in the background.

Even a few celebrities have joined in on the fun in doing nothing, from the Dallas Cowboys to comedian Kevin Hart.

If it hasn’t already, The Mannequin Challenge may get as big as the Harlem Shake Challenge was a couple years ago. To see The Mannequin Challenges, you can check out the #MannequinChallenge hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.