The Sega Genesis Is Being Put Back Into Production


The Sega Genesis gaming system first appeared on the market back in the late 80’s. Today, the system is one of the most popular gaming consoles in Brazil.

150,000 units per day are sold in the country. Therefore, it made sense for Brazil’s Tectoy Company to put brand new productions of the system back on the gaming market.

The current gaming console is designed to look and feel like the original Mega Drive. The Mega Drive has 22 games pre-loaded into the SD card, games such as;

Arrow Flash, Sega Soccer, TURBO Outrun, Last Battle, Jewel Master, Shinobi 3, and Sonic 3, just to name a few. The system also comes with the original controller, and the manufacturers have made it an even more nostalgic experience by making the system A/V cable ready. This may or may not be favorable for those who purchase the system with modern television sets, however, A/V-to-HDMI converters are available.

The Mega Drive is being manufactured by a third party, but according to reports, Sega is completely in support of the new production. Pre-orders are already underway. You can place your order for the Sega Mega Drive for about $125 in U.S. currency.


written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL