The “Struggling Artist” Complex Is Dead


The phrase “struggling artist” surfaced long ago and with it, came a lot of unfortunate artistic experiences. Many artists created a whole lifestyle around “the struggle”. Being broke became an expectation whenever someone decided to pursue a career in something creative. For a long time, we accepted this as truth. If you were an artist, you were supposed to struggle. It was a part of the experience.

While being an entrepreneur, creative, and artist has become fairly popular these days, traces of the struggling artist complex still lingers.

Plot twist.

You don’t have to struggle.  It’s not some rites of passage for becoming an artist. You don’t have to compromise your art either. We live in a time where it is very possible to have both, money and creative control. The very nature of an artist is to create. You create opportunity. You create what you wish to see in the world. You create ways to find success on your own terms. You are the creator. Yes, there will be some struggle but the struggle is not the finish line. It’s okay to want money, how else will you eat? It’s okay to want to be compensated for all the energy you put into your creations. It’s okay to not want to live a life of struggle, it doesn’t make you any less of an artist.

The struggling artist lifestyle is one of lack. You don’t have to go without to be great. A wise artist will create the type of situation that brings freedom and opportunity. The face of an artist is no longer one of suffering in the name of art, it’s now the face of liberation and paid invoices.

It’s not cool to struggle anymore. Let this be a memo to all artists out there. The struggle should be a temporary phase, not a permanent mark. Get your paper. Your coins. Your moola. Stop cheating yourselves out of prosperity.