“Superstar” doesn’t even do Beyonce justice anymore when it comes to categorizing her level of fame and stardom. She has impacted the world on a whole new level. And don’t you dare say anything unflattering about Queen Bey. The “beyhive” is waiting to destroy anyone who has anything negative to say about their queen.

Beyonce just gave birth to two beautiful twins and now she’s celebrating her 36th birthday. Every year on September 4, you can expect Beyonce’s beyhive to celebrate her birthday by bombarding social media timelines with photos, songs, and quotes from Mrs. Carter.

This year, a photoshoot was done in Beyonce’s honor. Some of Beyonce’s closest friends and family members got together to show her how much they love her by dressing up just like her.

They got together to recreate one of Beyonce’s staple looks from her video for Formation. Kelly Rowland, Blue Ivy, Serena Williams, Tina Knowles, Gloria Carter, and even Michelle Obama participated in the birthday tribute.

Check out all the photos here: https://www.beyonce.com/bday2017/

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