image via Vulture. 



The latest celeb to completely lose it via social media has been Tyrese Gibson. The singer turned actor, was once known for his motivational videos that usually went viral on Facebook and Instagram. Now, it seems he may be the one in need of some motivation because he just may be losing it right before our eyes. The fact that tyrese has been having personal issues when it comes to seeing his daughter is no secret, especially since it has been Tyrese himself giving us random updates on the status of his situation.

It has gotten to the point where Tyrese has recorded himself crying on camera.


Of course everyone on the internet has their own opinions on Tyrese and his need to air his business out on social media.

Should we be taking this more seriously? And is this a cry for help and attention? This isn't the first time we have witnessed entertainers completely lose it on social media and it probably won’t be the last. It’s definitely putting the spotlight on the fact that no matter how much money is in your bank account, or how famous you are, you aren't exempt from feeling the pressures of  the human experience.


Furthermore, social media has surely become somewhat of an outlet, or therapy couch for those who may not have people in their lives to actually counsel them. It also makes you question why are people so quick to just let it all out via their social media platforms?


No, celebrities aren’t the only ones oversharing, regular shmegular people do it too. Maybe we all need one big virtual hug and an “it will be okay” followed by a smiley face emoji? Tyrese’s situation is definitely no laughing matter no matter how you look at it. Where are his friends and family? His phone needs to be confiscated and he needs to seek help before things escalate any further, He is literally crying out for it.