Valentine’s Day: The Day Dedicated To Love

It’s always funny to see all the status updates once Valentine’s Day rolls around. Between those who are single showing just how single and bitter they are, to those boo’d up flooding the timeline with photos and videos of their V-day gifts and dates every three minutes, there’s always a good amount of entertainment on display via social media on V-day.

The history of Valentine’s Day has always been slightly controversial, and the fact that America turns the holiday into a massive day of consumption of materialism, don’t sit well with a lot of people. Valentine’s Day has been overly commercialized for capitalistic gains but it is nice to see people expressing their love for their loved ones regardless.

Yes, there’s the argument that you should show your loved ones love daily and this is true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decide to make them feel extra special on “Love Day”.  This year, V-day has fallen on a Tuesday, which means many may end up waiting to celebrate this weekend, or some may decide to celebrate the whole week (which would be a pretty cool idea). Today is a day all about love and with the current state of the world, we can definitely use a lot of it.

So shower your loved ones with love and affection but don’t feel you need to go broke doing so.  Express your love in the way you see fit. It’s okay to bask in the love you share with your partner. It’s okay to celebrate that.

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