[WATCH] Comedian Aziz Ansari Talks Donald Trump And White Supremacy On Saturday Night Live

(via pitchfork.com)

Aziz Ansari hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time and killed it with his stand-up.

“If you think about it, Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics, and ‘Make America Great Again’ is his ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”, he stated in his opening monologue, comparing newly elected President Donald Trump to Chris Brown.

He also spoke on how Trump’s election seem to have given undercover racists the ammunition to come out of hiding and remove their masks, and how his election have also inspired many protests.

Ansari addresses the real life issues we are currently facing, but with a comedic spin on it. Overall, the opener wasn’t too bad. You can never go wrong with some truth followed-up with a couple laughs. If you aren’t hip to Aziz Ansari yet, definitely look him up. He has a series on Netflix and a few stand-up shows, give him a chance if you haven’t, he’s pretty funny.

Check out the Saturday Night Live video below: