(WATCH) Get Out: A Horror Film By Comedian Jordan Peele 

(via vanityfair.com)

You may remember Jordan Peele from the Comedy Central show Key & Peele. He and his partner Keegan-Michael Key are known for their quirky comedy sketches. However, Peele has put on the film director's hat for the first time, in order to give us the movie Get Out. Get Out is a horror-thriller about an interracial couple. Chris (played by Daniel Kalyuua) is meeting Rose (played by Allison Williams), his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Chris is a little hesitant considering Rose has yet to tell her parents that her new boyfriend is actually a black man. The moment they start their road trip, they come in contact with a local cop, who gives Chris a hard time. From that point on, well let’s just say, things get pretty weird and creepy. Chris finds himself being one of the few black people in the town where he is met with a lot of racial tension, that could possibly end up costing him his life if he doesn’t watch his step. Since the release of the trailer for Get Out, everyone’s been talking about it. Going off the trailer alone, the film definitely looks like it will be a very interesting movie to watch. It also looks like it may actually be scary, or at least bound to give you a few surprise jumps. As a debut director, Peele just may have a hit on his first go around. Get Out is set to be released sometime in February of 2017. Check out the trailer below: