[WATCH] J. Cole’s ‘Eyez’ Documentary

(via rap-up.com)

  1. Cole will be dropping his fourth album 4 Your Eyez Only this Friday (12/9). So as the follow-up project to his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album, there’s some hype to live up to.

Cole has been pretty upfront about his views on the music industry, Hollywood, and fame. He’s even expressed his thoughts on some of his peers. After releasing False Prophets, a track from his upcoming album, he’s left a lot of people wondering who he’s talking about throughout the song. Kanye West, Drake, and Wale are some of possible answers fans have come up with so far, but only Cole truly knows.

It will be interesting to hear the other topics he has addressed on the album, we can be sure to get his perspective in real raw form.

However, while you are waiting for the album to be released on Friday, check out his 40-minute documentary Eyez. The doc shows some of the preparation it took to produce the 4 Your Eyez Only project.