Netflix is really trying to make sure we keep coming back for more. The Netflix originals have been pretty dope. Netflix is basically what Blockbusters used to be except it’s online.


The Magic School Bus was a cartoon created from the book series of the same name that surfaced on television in the 90’s. The Magic School Bus was a cool educational show that explored the world of science.


You could easily watch the show and forget that it is supposed to be educational. The story lines were just so intriguing. Many kids and parents would tune in to see what adventure would Ms. Frizzle take her students on next!


Fortunately, the show has returned but with a few changes. The series will be coming to Netflix on September 22 as an original series. We will now get to re-live some of our childhood with this 90’s classic.


In The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Ms. Frizzle passes the bus keys over to her sister Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle.


Be sure to tune in to Netflix on Sept. 22 to see what new adventures and discoveries will be explored by way of the magic school bus.