Will Smith is back in action with a not so average film.

Bright is the latest creation coming out of the Netflix bag of originals. It’s a Sci-Fi Action film and from the preview, it just may be worth a watch.

If Independence Day and Men in Black had a baby, you would get Bright. It’s the tale of two LA officers who end up becoming partners just in time for a “turf battle”.

What’s so unusual about this? Well the film is full of magical creatures. Will Smith plays a cop of course, and his partner is played by Joel Edgerton, who also happens to be an orc. An orc is a member of a human-like race of creatures (the magical creatures mentioned early).

The two cops engage in an action-packed battle as they come together to save humanity.

Bright is set to be released on December 22 on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below.