Who you choose to hang out with will affect your level of success or lack thereof. We have all heard the quote “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.  Who you spend your time with, and share your goals and dreams with, does make a huge difference.


The people you allow into your inner circle can make or break you. They can help propel you or hinder you. They can build you up or put you down. If your crew is full of negative Nancys, Debbie downers, and dishonest Dans, you may need to reevaluate your clique.


Everyone needs a strong support system and those who we decide to call “friends” are essential components of that system. We need friends who are going to tell us the truth. Friends who will respectfully check us when necessary. Friends who will cheer us on when we need it most, and friends who will be there to lift us up when we fall. We all need friends who genuinely support us.


Most importantly, you should be that kind of friend as well. Friendships are an exchange, they should never be one-sided. It’s okay to be selective when it comes to your inner circle and sometimes, we have to let go of people regardless of history, especially if the friendship proves to be detrimental to our progression.


We should all be cultivating good energy within our lives. In doing so, you will attract things and people into your space who will add to who you are and evolve you even further.


Is your inner circle leveling you up?