As reported last week, Tyrese Gibson has been on the internet basically crying out for help. The singer/actor has been having legal troubles regarding a custody battle.

He’s expressed to the world byway of his Instagram account, how he hasn’t been able to see his daughter. According to his ex-wife and mother of his child, Tyrese has had the tendency to be physically abusive towards their daughter.

Tyrese hasn’t taken the custody battle well at all, nor has he tried to hide the news from the public. In fact, he’s been pretty expressive about the ordeal overall.

He’s even pulled a Kanye and called out some industry friends such as The Rock, for taking on a job for a Fast and The Furious spinoff, which could essentially postpone the release of the original Fast and The Furious franchise. The franchise being delayed would cut into Tyrese’s money flow. However, one of Hollywood’s power couples have come to the rescue.

According to reports, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith gifted Tyrese with $5 million to help keep him going. They also suggested he “stay off social media”. Tyrese obviously didn’t take this advice considering the fact that he went to social media to announce the fact that the Smiths gave him with this money.

Hopefully, Tyrese will be able to bounce back from his legal troubles and hopefully he will end up actually taking the advice of staying off the internet.