Your Greatest Self Is Only A Decision Away

Do you have the desire to meet your greatest self in this lifetime?  

Are you trying your very best in life, or doing just enough?

So often we get caught up in just getting by, that we end up drowning all our potential in mediocrity. We dilute ourselves because it’s easier. We don’t have to work that hard to be average, so most of us settle.

If you can name one person you have read about or even know personally, who seem to have tapped into the greatest version of themselves, it’s proof that it is possible. If you can’t name one person, perhaps you should read better books and choose better people to be around.

Being your greatest self is only a decision away. You must decide that you want more. Decide that you are capable of more. Decide that you no longer want to play yourself by accepting mediocrity in exchange for excellence.

However, once you make that decision, you must also follow through.

Hold yourself accountable. Take responsibility for making sure you are constantly working towards unlocking your full potential. Anyone can be mediocre. Anyone can be average. If you are content with settling for a lesser version of yourself, stay where you are, but if you want to experience the version of yourself that goes beyond what’s standard,

you must put in the work.

How bad do you want to be great?