Actor/Comedian Tommy Ford Dies at 52-Years-Old After Stomach Aneurysm


Earlier today (Oct. 12) reports started surfacing about the state of Tommy Ford’s health. Ford is an actor/comedian who had his most notable role on the popular 90’s sitcom Martin.

Various sources were reporting different things, some were reporting that he was on life support, while others were reporting that he had died. However, we all know how often the internet kills off celebrities long before it’s actually true.

According to a few tweets from Tommy’s friends and associates, he was NOT dead at the time those reports were surfacing, he was on life support.

According to Hollywood reporter, Ryan Parker, his agents had even confirmed the life support story to be true as well.



While the initial reports of death were false, around 4:50 p.m.Tommy passed away at a hospital in Atlanta. It is being said that Ford had suffered from a stomach aneurysm. We send our condolences out to his family and friends.