Fast food is one of the many things that makes America, America. Fast food restaurants are on every block. It doesn’t matter if you are in a rich or poor area of town, you are bound to see a fast food spot at some point.

Fast food and drive thru’s are convenient for a society that is constantly on the go.  However, fast food is also one of the least beneficial to our health. It’s quick and fast but it also has a long-standing history of being junk.

Well, there’s a new progressive restaurant in town. Amy’s Drive Thru is the first fast food joint to offer straight vegetarian, non-GMO, organic, locally made food options.


According to reports, Amy’s Drive Thru’s meatless menu could be the next big thing. Located in California, the restaurant has even made their “look” stand apart. The food boxes and restaurant design offers a different twist to what we are used to seeing for fast food spots.

(all images via Business Insider)


If you are interested in tasting some of Amy’s healthier options and you’re not in California, you can go to your local grocery store and experience the company’ s frozen food options.

Is Amy’s Drive Thru the future of fast food? Will Mickey D’s finally be bumped from its #1 spot?

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