In ‘WTF News’: Neiman Marcus Sells Collard Greens For $66


Just in time for the holidays, Neiman Marcus, the luxury department store is now selling ‘uppity’ collard greens to the masses for $66 with a $15 shipping and handling fee.

Collard greens seasoned with just the right amount of spices and bacon.

Order includes four 12-oz. trays; serves 8-10.

Ships fully cooked and frozen. Heat and serve.

Reads the description on Neiman Marcus’ website.

Aside from the ridiculous price, it’s pretty interesting to see the department store even selling this particular product. Furthermore, why collard greens? What was the marketing ideas around that decision? Who was the person that stood up during the company meeting and said “Hey, I got it! Let’s sell collard greens this season”?

Of course, news of these expensive collard greens broke the internet. Everyone just wants to know who’s actually buying these greens? Neiman Marcus has changed the game up with their spiced up bacon flavored greens. Now you can have a prestigious dinner for the holidays and maybe even impress your boss, or that girl or guy you’ve been crushing on? But wait, you can’t have affluent collard greens without baked beans and broccoli cheese casserole to match! Neiman Marcus is also selling a baked bean medley for $80 and a broccoli cheese casserole for $65.

Looks like Glory and Bush’s Best may have to step their collard green and baked bean selections up. Neiman Marcus is proudly serving pretentiousness on a plate this Christmas. Will you be buying?