Whole Foods is one of the most popular grocery store chains that provide healthier food choices to consumers. Whole Foods Market Inc. has become the leading store for natural and organic foods.


Seeing a grocery store like Whole Foods thrive in today’s market is amazing. It shows that more people are deciding to eat and live better. However, Whole Foods isn’t the most cost-effective place to get groceries. Their prices do get a little expensive.


But all of this may be about to change. Whole Foods was recently purchased by Amazon for $13.7 billion. Apparently, Amazon is working to make Whole Foods more affordable too. Since the buyout, select items have been marked down by as much as 43%.


People are still saying the prices are kind of high, but this is a great step into the right direction. Perhaps prices will be marked down even more in the future?


It is important that healthier food alternatives are accessible to everyone, regardless of how high or low their income may be.