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So everyone knows Atlanta’s very own Gucci Mane La flare is finally a free man. Since his release, Gucci has jumped right back into the mix of things as if he’s never left. Music wise, he’s been jumping on features and releasing tracks but it looks like something else has caught his attention, Snapchat seems to be Gucci’s newest interest. It’s like watching a live showing of inside the world of Gucci Mane (hey, this actually wouldn’t be a bad idea for a show. Why hasn’t anyone put Gucci on TV yet?). DJ Khaled you better watch out, Gucci just may be coming for your Snapchat throne very soon. As Keyshia Ka’oir, Gucci’s girl, works the camera from behind-the-scenes with the occasional narration, capturing Gucci’s golden moments, it’s pretty entertaining watching the return of Mr. Zone 6.

So why should you be watching when Gucci snaps? Well, we have 4 reasons:

#1 First Day Out Workout Tips

Gucci has undergone a complete makeover. He went into jail looking like Gucci and came out looking like GuWop. He seemed to have picked up a few workout routines while on the inside and since he’s been out, working out has been incorporated into his daily ritual. If any of his workouts contributed to this new look, we all should be paying close attention. If you want to pick up a few workout regimes of your own, Gucci just may be the one to inspire you.

#2  Exclusive Music Drops

The first day Gucci debuted on Snapchat, we all caught a very intimate music moment with him spitting a freestyle while producer Zaytoven played the keys. It was pretty epic to watch. You can also catch clips of Gucci recording in the studio, which is basically a live listening party and who doesn’t want to watch that?

#3 Views From Inside the Traphouse.

Gucci’s house looks pretty lit!

In laymen’s terms, he has a very lovely home. It’s like watching a live edition of MTV’s Cribs. It’s your very own tour of “Gucci Land”.

#4 It’s Gucci, Duh!

You get to watch Gucci as he readjust to his newly found freedom and works his way back into the game of the music industry. So picture an episode of Love and Hip Hop but with way less drama and way more studio time and money.

So there you have it! The 4 reasons why you should be tuning in when Gucci snaps. Also, Gucci Mane will be performing in Atlanta at Mansion tonight (June 17th)  and at Premier1 on June 18th right after Birthday Bash.

In the meantime, follow Gucci on Snapchat: Guwopsnap and check out our Welcome Home Gucci t-shirts here!