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Ghostwriting has become a subject that has been under the Hip Hop microscope lately,

Especially since Meek Mill called out Drake for dabbling in the business of using ghostwriters for his rhymes during one of his random Twitter rants.

Rap music doesn’t hold as much substance as it did back in the day, not lyrically anyways. These days, rap music seem to focus less on lyrical content and more on the sound, or beat of the song. Is this a case of Hip Hop evolving and growing into whatever the next generation’s interpretation of it is? Or is Hip Hop becoming everything it originally fought against?

Recently, Outkast member and Atlanta rap legend Andre 3000 spoke out about the whole ghostwriting thing on a song from Frank Ocean’s latest album Blond. 3 Stacks used his verse to speak out about a couple issues within society actually, however, the ghostwriting lines definitely got the internet hype. Many are saying he’s calling out rappers (young and old) for forgetting the art of storytelling. As we all know, Andre has been pretty outspoken about his lack of interest in the current state of the music industry.

The most you can get out of him now and days are maybe just a few features here and there, he doesn’t even seem to be interested in creating another Outkast album.

The interest is buzzing trying to figure out who Andre 3000 is referring to and calling out specifically but maybe he’s just talking about the rap game in general? Maybe he’s calling everybody out?

written by Chandra Meadows of POP ATL