Awaken, My Love! There’s A New Childish Gambino Album In The Works

The season finale of Donald Glover’s hit television series Atlanta recently aired, and it seems Glover is now back in Gambino mode.

Childish Gambino first revealed the cover art for his new album on episode 9 of the show but of course, we had no idea. But the album cover alone ended up catching everyone’s attention once he officially revealed it as the cover. The cover art is definitely interesting and many are curious about what it actually means or represents.

The album is titled Awaken, My Love! and it’s the follow-up to Because the internet. The album already has people talking and it hasn’t even been released yet.

So far, Gambino has teased us with two tracks off the project and they aren’t quite what you would expect from him. We can probably all guess by now that this may not be a rap album, especially since Gambino is actually singing, harmonizing and all. The songs give off pretty chill, jazz/funk vibes.

While Gambino has always been the “odd ball” rapper, which has mostly worked in his favor as an artist, he just may have out done himself with this one. He’s showing other aspects of his artistry by not marginalizing his crafts and we are absolutely here for it.

The comedian, actor, rapper, writer, and director is a one stop shop of creative talent. We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves for this new album.

The “Funkadelic inspired” project is set to be released in December. You can find the two released tracks, Me and Your Mama and Redbone on your preferred streaming service.