Badu vs Everythang 2017 Tour

A couple days ago Erykah Badu posted a photo on her Facebook page announcing her 2017 tour dates.

If you are a lover of good music, you have probably been a longtime fan of Ms. Badu. Seeing her in concert should be on everyone’s bucket list. Badu has been giving us soulful funky hits for years now, and we haven’t gotten tired of her yet.

Badu is sure to bring all the good vibes for this Badu vs Everythang Tour. She’s been maintaining her space in the spotlight by simply being herself unapologetically. This is what separates Badu from other artists. She’s been doing things her way from the beginning.

She hasn’t compromised herself or art and we love her for that.

Baduizm, her debut album turned 20 this year, so this tour is coming at the perfect time. Time to resurrect the Queen. You can find tour stops and dates in the photo above.