Blue Ivy Joins The Rap Dynasty With Freestyle On 4:44 Bonus Track

(via Rap-Up)

Are you tired of hearing about Jay Z’s latest album 4:44 yet? It seems every day there’s another element to discuss. 4:44 is Jay Z’s 13th studio album. It has served as a marker for how long HOV has been in the game, and he hasn’t fallen off yet. He’s gotten richer maybe but the talent is most definitely still there.

Who knows how long we will talk about this 4:44 album? Jay Z just keeps dropping more content surrounding it. The latest 4:44 news was way too adorable to pass up.

It was confirmed that there would be 3 additional tracks added to the 4:44 album’s physical copies.

By the way, this is a good marketing move to increase physical album sales, especially since the album can be streamed. However, that isn’t the point of this article. This article is an introduction to one of the hottest new rappers in the game right now who goes by the name Blue Ivy.

Yes, Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter recorded a few bars for one of the bonus tracks.

You can’t make out most of she’s saying but the internet has been on fire about it. There’s only one line you can really make out, and it just so happens to be a pretty epic line. She rapped, “never seen a ceiling in my whole life”.  That was it. That’s all she needed to spit. It was pretty much over after that.

But seriously, Blue Ivy’s freestyle was cute. It’s cool that she can bond with her father over the mic.

Perhaps “Brooklyn Carter” the rapper will soon emerge.

Check out the freestyle below: