New York has decided to make an appearance in hip hop again.

Aside from the latest Jadakiss and Fabolous joint album drop, Ma$e and Cam’ron’s names have been in headlines too. The two aren’t releasing a joint album, but they did beef briefly.

Ma$e released a diss record titled The Oracle and Cam’ron clapped back with Dinner Time. Shortly after the releases, the two Harlem rappers seem to have squashed the beef. After a friendly Twitter exchange, all seems well between Cam’ron and Ma$e.

Was the whole thing publicly orchestrated to introduce their new music releases? For a moment, it looked like we were about to get a full blown rap battle. However, getting new music from Ma$e and Cam’ron is still a win. The brief beef just may have sparked a badly needed fire in hip hop.

Check out the diss records below. What are your thoughts?